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Scrap Yards Manchester

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top-blocksManchester has a rich musical pedigree but it’s not just the birthplace of iconic bands, it’s a place where you can switch your scrap car for cash. Our car breakers Manchester are on hand now to collect your scrap vehicle and put money in your pocket at the same time. As well as giving you more driveway space, you’ll never look back in anger at your scrapped car again.

Easy money

We pride ourselves on offering an efficient service with an emphasis on simplicity. Our system is designed for ease of execution. The weight of your car determines the amount we’ll pay you. To ensure you get maximum value we consult the London Metal Exchange to offer you the best quote we possibly can. The heavier your auto, the heavier your wallet, it’s that straight forward.

Scrap My Car Manchester work hard to meet all of your car scrapping needs, we have all bases covered, with our vast database we’re confident we can deal with your vehicle. We don’t discriminate, we cater for any make and model, and even accept motorbikes. If you provide us with a few bits of information we can offer you a no-obligation quote instantly over the phone. You can also quickly submit your details using our simple online form.

Your needs come first

A pioneering city like Manchester has a tradition for being first, it was the first place the atom was split and the world’s first industrial city. Our Scrap Yards Manchester like to keep up the tradition by putting you first. We’re on call and waste no time in coming to you anywhere in Manchester.

Doing it the right way

Awareness of environmental issues is increasing all of the time and the importance of recycling has never been so high. Using our team of vehicle scrappers to crush and re- use the metal in your car is a great way for you to be proactive and do your bit for the environment. That means you’re actually getting paid for being helpful to the global community by sending your car to Scrap Yards Manchester.

For a swift boost of earnings enquire about your scrap car now and organise the most convenient time for our specialist Scrap yards Manchester to come to your door and safely take away your car using a proper transport vehicle.

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